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Meet Anna Hangstefer


I studied art at University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and Shorter College, and I’ve been making art for over a decade. A variety of subjects catch my eye and I love painting them to save the moment. I paint a lot of nature and wildlife particularly as they change quickly. The expressive art of gesturalism is one of my favorites. It’s meaningful to be able to hold onto and appreciate something ephemeral and beautiful; it’s my way of hitting a pause button and sharing the delight.

Besides painting and designing decorative artisanal work, music and dance are other art forms that I appreciate. I have studied a number of dance forms but social Latin ones are those that I practice regularly. Whether it’s live shows or festivals, I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the world of music. I find a genuine sense of calm in the flow state of practicing yoga, a state that I often arrive at while creating art as well.


I love people, getting to know the realest them, and having deep, meaningful conversations. Just like pieces of art, no two persons are alike; I like to get to know as much of the latter as I do the former. I’m a Tennesseean who finds humor in most situations, and immensely love my kids. I take the role of mother seriously and it has a profound effect on my life.

Creating art is an adventure and in this journey, there is no artistic challenge I find too daunting. If you’ve got ideas, I have the skills to bring them to life.


Some of the artists that have inspired me are:

Claude Monet

Frank Webb

Winslow Homer

Robert Henri 

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